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Star PAWS Hoofs,
Equestrian Photography

They are an absolute favorite for anyone looking for a beautiful work of art to hang on the wall or an extraordinary gift for a loved one whose horse is their pride and joy.
The composition of light and shadow are carefully crafted to highlight all the unique attributes of the horse, showing a side that is rarely captured, offering truly enchanting results.
Our equine portrait experience captures the true beauty and essence of the special bond between you and your horse in a unique, personal and elegant way.
Experiencing the spirit, grace, elegance, and power of such a beautiful animal is truly magical.
Our relaxed and creative approach offers surprising results. You and your horse will look fabulous!

Schedule Session

Contact me to define the concept and schedule the day, time and place of the session that best suits you and your horse, including weekends.


Session Length

Taking into account the personality of each dog, the session lasts between 1 to 3 hours, depending on the adaptation and collaboration of the animal.


After the Session

After the session, photographs will be sent for selection. The customer will choose between one of the packages of 10, 15, 20 or 30 photographs.

At StarPaws Photo, we know how much your horse means to you.

Moving the house to the farm and setting up a small studio.

Photograph on black background

Professional studio lighting

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Equestrian Photography


Photo Session

A comprehensive session, adapted to all unique equines.

Each individual session includes several poses from all angles, from head-shots to entire bodies.

Each horse is edited by hand on an elegant black background to create images that will impress your friends online and on the wall!

Each session will receive several digital files completely edited in a personalized online gallery.

Small and large format prints of various styles can be purchased after receiving images.


Complete session for a horse :

15-20 minute session

7 digital images edited for use on social networks

Discounts are available for 3 or more horses in a single stable.



Photo Session

Looking for something more creative?

How about images made to be printed in art deco style on the wall?

This more artistic package captures your horse more naturally, with creative and detailed poses.

Each horse is edited by hand on an elegant black background to create images that will impress your friends online and on the wall, in addition to discounts on Book Album and Wall Art! (Highly recommended package!)

Complete session for a horse:

20 to 30 minute session

15 digital images edited for use on social media

Customizable 5 x 5 Minni Book albums (10 pages / 5 spread) 4 copies

20% of all wall art (canvas, acrylic and metal)

Discounts are available for 2 or more horses in a single stable.

Pacote Fine ART

Photo Session

In the past few years, my black backgrounds have become a signature style and very much in demand.
One of the first photos that ask me to capture in any session is usually a “black background” portrait.
I’m developing a style that captures not only the character of the horse or pony in front of my lens, but also a way to create a real piece of art, something different from the typical portrait.
Often an abstract image can also be very interesting.
These mini sessions will create a custom piece of art, with your horse as your theme.
From the soft expression, to the whiskers on the velvety nose, the swirl of hair between the eyes.
These are sessions about the little details that make your horse yours.
In addition, the most traditional poses will be taken.
Manipulate natural or artificial light around you to paint a fine art photographic portrait, capturing your horse’s shape, markings and soul.
It is not capturing what the camera sees, but what your heart sees.


Um belo retrato que merece estar na em sua parede!

Graphic Design

Potencial estrela!

Celebrate the bond and love you share with your best four-legged friend! With a majestic and moving portrait in the studio or full of action outdoors, we promise to capture your best friend’s spirit, character, and star quality.

Art Direction

Toque pessoal

Besides being a professional photographer of dogs and horses, João Carlos is a very nice person.
Patient and encouraging, he gets the best out of his clients (two or four). The result – a joyful work of art that evokes a smile whenever you look at it.
Retratos equestres. fotografia equestre por joao carlos.

Graphic Design


No matter how nervous or excited your best friend is, we guarantee that you two will have a fantastic portrait experience!

Art Direction


As an award-winning equestrian and canine photographer, with over twenty years of experience, João uses his considerable experience to capture this emotion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a general rule, yes. But for security reasons, we don’t usually photograph aggressive animals.
  • We prefer animals that can accept simple orders, such as “stay”, “sit”.
  • We do not accept female dogs during the heat season.
  • Animals must be vaccinated and dewormed.
  • We do not accept animals with diseases communicable to other animals and humans.
  • Incidents caused by the dog to any member of our team lead to the immediate cancellation of the session and no refund of the deposit.
  • If the dog refuses to cooperate and for this reason we do not get the desired result, the deposit will not be returned.
  • Cancellation or rescheduling must be done at least 72 hours in advance for the return of the deposit.
  • Images cannot be changed without the approval of photographer João Carlos.
  • Only the dissemination of the final images delivered is allowed.
In my cozy studio, I guarantee that you and your dogs will have a fabulous experience with us, as we have created a series of dynamic and emotional images, capturing the fun, serious, caring and crazy sides of your best friend.
As soon as your portrait experience is booked, we look forward to welcoming you to our studio. We’ll start by creating a collection of our beautiful ‘noir’ portraits, gloriously dark and incredibly detailed.
The light will be expertly worked around your dog, to highlight your true character and personality that you are so well aware of


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